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Redmond Oregon, Est. 2015

03 March 2015

Filtering Our Water with a Flowguard Sand Media Filter

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Purifying surface water for use in Hop farm drip irrigation system

Filtering Our Water with a Flowguard Sand Media Filter
The curse of any drip irrigation system are the so called contaminants that occur and develop in surface water sources such as rivers, creeks, ponds and canals.  At Cascade Hop Farm we've been blessed with access to an incredible water source, the Cascade Mountains by way of Tumalo irrigation district.  Our water collects in a mountain lake a few miles above the farm and is fed via rock lined canal to us where its diverted into our own holding pond adjacent to CHF-1 (affectionately known as the Bachelor yard). Here the water has a chance to warm from it's chilly snow pack origins to a temperature that's more conducive to the plants growth.  While the water is in the pond it's infused with organic mater from the stocked fish and algae that occures naturally (We have set aside more than 2/3 of our farm for wildlife habbitat that's also served by the pond).  The water in our pond is constantly being renewed by fresh cascade snow melt at an estimated rate of about once per week keepoin the water from stagnating.  This is great for the local wild life which now includes some ducks, a blue herring, an occasional fox and even better for the hops, the issue we face is trying to force this naturual organic mater through emitters on our drip lines with out them becoming clogged and choking off the hops water source.

The solution we turned to is a non-chemical, environmentally friendly option known as sand media filtration. In a nut shell the water is drawn out of our holding pond (a few feet off the bottom) rich with bio nutrients and other small particles that we dont want such as weed seeds, all of which need to be filtered down to enable it to pass through our emitters with out clogging them and depriving our hops of water.  The sand media filter does this by forcing the water under pressure through two stainless steel tanks that are filled with a layer of sand and a layer of gravel as the water passes through the sand particles that were suspended in the water become trapped in the sand while the clean water is allowed to pass through the sand and gravel and out of the tank.  This process of scrubbing the water is then repeated in each tank to ensure that the water sent into the hop yards drip system is free of virtually all non-disolved solids that might clog the emitters.

Next Up: Fertilizer Injection System - We will be feeding/fertilizing our hops through the emitters to ensure that the plants get the nutrients required to produce a healthy and desirable crop of premium hops but also to ensure that we carefully control the amount of fertilizers were introducing into our soils and ultimately watershed.
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