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Craft Grown Hops From Central Oregon

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Redmond Oregon, Est. 2015

29 April 2015

Do you know whats in the ground your Hops were grown in?

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Learning about your soils past can help lead to healthier hops in the future

sludgegocMany farm lands in the US and Canada have at one time or another been treated to a cocktail of sewage sludge - yes human sewage as a means of dust suppression and fertilization. This practice dates back to the 40's but picked up steam so to speak in the 90's. The primary concern for growers today as it relates to the use of sewage sludge (past or present) is that this sludge is very likely to have been mixed with industrial waste, heavy metals and other harmful substances that could now be present in the soil. These substances have been proven to accumulate in many crops, and animals that grow in and graze from the contaminated soils and are now being studied for their impact on people who consume products that have been grown in these soils.

Cascade Hop Farm sits in the middle of a 37 acre wild life preserve, called Cascade Reflections, this land has been in our family for the past 20 years. During that time (and very likely for at least an additional decade) no sewage sludge was used anywhere on the property. The grounds surrounding the area known today as The Bachelor Yard at Cascade Hop Farm has been left in its natural state for the past 20 years to provide feed and habitat for local wild life. A practice we are proud to carry on to this very day and can be seen in the many stacks of brush and rocks piles situated amongst the acres of open unfenced spaces around the property.

The more you know....

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