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Craft Grown Hops From Central Oregon

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Redmond Oregon, Est. 2015

17 April 2015

Small scale hop farm partnering for large scale sustainable success

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If our kids cant play in it than you shouldn't be drinking something that was grown in it!

11136707 733816886738408 1017317268664485689 nAt Cascade Hop Farm we are obsessed with finding smarter, economically friendlier and more sustainable ways to develop small scale family run hop farms. We believe that small scale hop farming is and will continue to revolutionize the hop growing industry in this country and ultimately play a major role in how craft brewers develop flavor profiles in their beers - focused more on regional qualities (Terrior / Zeitgeist;) and less on national norms.

We see it as our responsibility as a small scale, family run hop farm to provide more sustainable and environmentally conscious methods of farming, methods that are more closely tied to those used by gardeners than large scale agri-business growers. To do this we are working with Worm Power​ ( an industry leaders in organic bio-stimulants that reduce the need for fertilizers and chemicals by boosting the soil and plants ability to exchange nutrients and resist disease. We are also working with Rotbloc LLC​ (, a company that provides an economically viable organic solution to extend the life of our hop trellis poles. This product reduces the need for both additional and harmful chemical treatments as well as protecting our forest by maximizing the service life of the wood products in use on our farm.

We at Cascade Hop Farm continue to seek out and partner with leading edge providers who deliver solutions that not only enhance hop production and quality but also reduce or eliminate entirely the need for non-organic chemicals and fertilizers - If our kids cant play in it than you shouldn't be drinking something that was grown in it!

We look forward to sharing the knowledge gained by these efforts with our partners and fellow hop growers as well as craft beer lovers everywhere over a pint of amazing local beer!

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