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Craft Grown Hops From Central Oregon

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Redmond Oregon, Est. 2015

Hops on the bine

The right hops for job

Selecting the right hops to grow commercially is part guessing game, part science and part luck! At Cascade Hop Farm we watch trends, speak with brewers and cross our fingers in hopes that we properly match our planting selections with industry trends and local brewer needs.

16 January 2016

Delivering a quality fresh hop to market requires accurate care during the growing season.

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The secret to success rests in your ability to precisely meter, control and deliver nutrients and pest control solutions.

Last season we spent a great deal of time studying the impact that our fertigation plan had on our hops (based on soil analysis) a task made immeasurably easier thanks to our Dosatron International - USA, North and Central America and its ability to precisely control the delivery of nutrients direct to our root system.  What we lacked was a similarly robust and accurate method for applying foliar applications to the above ground bio-mass.

29 April 2015

Do you know whats in the ground your Hops were grown in?

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Learning about your soils past can help lead to healthier hops in the future

Do you know whats in the ground your Hops were grown in?
Many farm lands have at one time or another been treated to a cocktail of sewage sludge - yes human sewage! The primary concern for growers today as it relates to the use of sewage sludge is that this sludge is very likely to have been mixed with industrial waste, heavy metals and ...

18 March 2015

Is your "local beer" really all that local?

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Most micro brewers utilize hops and grains sourced from the same suppliers that those famous beechwood guys use...

Is your
In wine this 'local' quality is known by the French word, terroir and like wine, beer can develop a pronounced flavor profile based on the conditions the hops and grains were grown in...

10 December 2014

Hops planned for the new trellis in 2015

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Selecting hops for a first year hop farm

Hops planned for the new trellis in 2015
We've decided to start with three varieties of Hops for our initial planting, two are current staples and the third is a solid performer that has been trending well lately.
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